Monday, January 7, 2013

Good Things at the Pond

     I took a morning walk to my pond.  On the way, I checked out the tiny lemon tree planted last fall.  No one could have expected it to produce fruit in its infancy--but it didn't care!  It had something to say.   Look at that Myer lemon, weighing half a pound!  I plucked it, to relieve the tree of the weight, then saved the peel for use in my Italian Ricotta Cake, and squeezed the sparkly juice into the cilantro salad dressing I was making for dinner.
Seedling with Stalwart Lemon
Walking on, I saw my peach orchard all lit up!  Overnight, it seems, the cold, bare branches had unlatched their hidden treasure chests, spilling forth scores of pink buds and blossoms.  All eight trees were dotted with new life, adorned as with pink sapphires, making it impossible to resist the urge to hope.
Peach Tree Beginning to Bloom
Below, the pond in repose.  After a year of consideration, the pavilion for solar panels is under construction, almost finished.  Then I'll spread wildflower seed, and plant flamboyant trees, to keep the pond company.

Colasante Pond

To the right  of center, a honey bee gorging itself on peach blossom nectar, its legs covered in pollen.

     One last message from nature, simple and mysterious: 

The Peach Tree Says, "Yes"

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