Friday, July 20, 2012

How to Defraud Medicare and Get Rich Quick

     First, you don't have to be a doctor to defraud Medicare.  In fact, it's probably easier if you're not in the medical profession at all--it's a distraction.  Remember, your primary aim is to make a lot of money fast from Medicare.  This has nothing to do with patients.
     Medicare is not a person.  Think of it as a whole lot of money sequestered behind a bunch of computers.  It's an advantage that the Medicare system is enormous, because it's as slow as a bunch of hippos.  You can steal a lot before the system catches up with you, and by that time you're gone.
     Throw out your conscience, if you have one.  You're not harming anyone--this is just about money.  You might as well take it, because if you don't someone else will.  The United States government is already in so much debt it won't even notice.
     The government has been given authority to go after "fraud and abuse" in the medical field--but don't worry, you're not in the medical field!   Federal agents are going after doctors because they're easy to find--you're not.  You won't have a clinic, and you won't have real patients.  The FBI's got the public geared up to think of doctors as thieves.  Their agents may know better, but they don't care about where Medicare is hemorrhaging cash.  They like publicity-- and raiding a clinic makes a good story.  They take money by imposing big fines on the doddering doctors they raid--enough to compensate for what you're taking behind the scenes.
     You can make a few million at a time, easy.  Set up some Medicare provider accounts by downloading Medicare applications.  Fill in the blanks with names and provider license numbers  (check out and use the CV, license, DEA, and hospital affiliations we provide for a small fee)--then send the forms to Medicare. 
     You may, instead, wish to invent the necessary information.  Forge a few medical licenses and specialty board certifications.  Consider primary care, since you can bill so many different codes under one doctor ID.  But surgery is your most lucrative field.  Or, fake a hospital--the money you can make is tremendous.  
     One of our clients hit the jackpot as a sham DME (durable medical equipment) supplier.  Medical equipment can be big bucks.  To bill DME you may have to put additional certification numbers in place, but it's worth it because Medicare pays without flinching.  When patients need ventilators or alternate pressure mattresses, they need them fast.
     Next, buy lists of Medicare patient numbers.  We can supply these through're social security numbers with a suffix, usually "A."  Buy five hundred at a time, and bill out twenty or so a day for each doctor ID you've purchased--any more, and the system may flag you.
     Another option is to make an offer to purchase a clinic, which would give you the chance to collect valuable data on patients during the due diligence period.  Or, buy a clinic outright.  Don't worry about the initial costs--you'll make it all up when you clean out the clinic's A/R, borrow against falsified assets, and file Chapter 7 bankruptcy.  Then you can take the patient and physician numbers you amassed into your next scam.  It's data collection of a higher order--for experienced swindlers.
     Change all your data every few months, billing from new sham clinics with new ID numbers, and a different set of bank accounts each time around.  No one will know you aren't running a real medical practice.  Medicare reps aren't like bill collectors or inspectors--they don't want to go anywhere, and they aren't required to think.  Could it be that the administration of Medicare  is a hoax and there aren't actual representatives, just answering machines?  Try calling and see what we mean--no, on second thought, don't waste your time.  You're making money, you don't have time for games.  
     Figure out which Medicare CPT codes pay the most without triggering records requests.  Every few years Medicare changes the procedures it audits.  It used to be bone density testing, then sleep studies, then back braces--stay away from these codes for now.  You can make a mint by billing CT angiograms, however, and all interventional radiology codes.  Keep up with Medicare's audit targets by visiting our website  
      Medicare will automatically deposit money into your "clinic" bank accounts two weeks after charges are submitted.  The beauty of it!  No paper checks, no interaction with bank tellers.  it's just money-in and money-out.  Move the cash quickly to foreign countries--vault accounts in Panama are the safest and allow you to sidestep detection.  Avoid countries where the political structure is unstable.  You want to keep the money you worked so hard to earn, don't you?
     If you have a house, car, or telephone number keep them separate from your fraud enterprise.  Don't let anyone track you down--remember, you're invisible.
     One of our clients made $40 million in one year, and no taxes.  So get started today--it sure beats the daily grind!


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