Thursday, May 15, 2014

My Lawyer's Contact Information

     If you know me and want to offer your point of view...
     If you'd like to offer support, or complaints, or evidence for or against me, or comments, or a description of your experience as a patient or employee, please contact my lawyer using the contact information below.
     I am not permitted to converse with anyone who used to be a patient or employee at either of my clinics, Hawthorne Medical Center or Colasante Clinic.  When I bump into these individuals at the grocery store, or Lowes, or the farmers market I am supposed to tell them I'm not permitted to speak with them, and refer them to my lawyer.  If I talk with them I might be trying to "sway" them, which I suppose could be a version of altering evidence.  This presents a moral problem for me, when patients come up to me and tell me how their chemotherapy is going, or what new mass has been discovered on a CT scan, or when they ask my advice about a set of symptoms they have or a treatment that isn't going well.
     I'm sorry not to be able to give the benefit of my training and experience.  Perhaps if I had agreed to go to jail, I might be more available.  But I expect the government prosecutors would have forbidden me from speaking to patients from a jail cell, too, so I decided to go home, from the arraignment, instead.
     Here's the contact information:
                                                        Gilbert Schaffnit, Esq.
                                                        719 NE 1st Street
                                                        Gainesville, FL   32601
                                                         (352) 378-6593


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  1. Wow... Really? I found your article from March 11, 2013 advocating 355.9 for diabetic neuropathy when the most accurate code is 357.2. Look them both up and you'll see the diffrence. You also advocate using a 11055 code for up to 3 lesions on a patient with -51 modifiers. That is inaccurate and erroneous. There is a 11056 for 2-4 lesions and a 11057 for 5 or more lesions. You advocated established visit codes with procedures which unless it's a new condition, you can only bill the procedure on medicare patients and thats just from causually reviewing one article and that was after they raided your office!!! You're lucky it's only 210 counts!