Monday, July 2, 2012

20 Clues from Childhood that You'd Make a Good Solo Doc

 1.   Your mother said you interrupted too much.
 2.   Family friends said you asked too many questions.
 3.   Your dolls kept getting sick and needing treatment.
 4.   You didn't like being told what to do.
 5.   You studied the names of diseases in the Merck Manual.
 6.   You liked reading biographies.
 7.   When you played school with your friends you were always the teacher.
 8.   Other people seemed to be covering up the truth when they talked.
 9.   When someone else got sick, you thought you had the same symptoms.
10.  You got confused in large gatherings of people.
11.  People confided in you.
12.  You didn't mind when your friends were sad;  in fact they seemed more honest then.
13.  You used big words.
14.  Your parents said you were stubborn and impertinent.
15,  Your classmates said you were nosy.
16.  When you had an important question you looked it up in a book.
17.  The human race seemed like one of God's experiments.
18.  You wished every class in school could be independent study.
19.  You corrected people's mistakes.
20.  When people were in predicaments you told them what they should do.

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