Saturday, September 8, 2012

Stray Comments from the Clinic

 1.  "My girlfriend says I should go to a real doctor.  Someone who's not messed up
           with the FBI."
 2.  "I don't care what they say, I like it here."
 3.  "What are you guys going to do about my weight?"
 4.  "I don't have my co-pay.  Can you still see me?"
 5.  "I didn't know I had a $500 deductible.  Will you guys see me?  Otherwise, I have
          to go to the ER."
 6.  "I keep am going to keep coming here to show my support."
 7.  "They ain't got nothin' on Dr. Colasante."
 8.  "You mean you don't have my chart back, yet?"
 9.  "Does anybody know what's going on with the government thing?"
10.  "A raid on this place?  Give me a break."
11.  "I know you are under investigation by the FBI.  That's why I chose you as
          my doctor."
12.  "My other doctor never did anything."
13.  "You mean I can get my labs and tests done right here?  Awesome."
14.  "How much longer is it going to be?"
15.  "I transferred my whole family to this office."
16.  "You guys need to sue the government for what's going on here."
17.  "Just ignore them."
18.  "Pay them off, so you can have your life back.  At your age, all you have is time."
19.  "I have complete faith that you will prevail."
20.  "What's happening to you is character-building."
21.  "There is nothing as important for any of us as the work we do on our own souls."

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  1. Dr. Colasante,

    I have been monitoring your blog for a while, as I heard about it from a fellow nurse friend. I just want to start out by saying I am terribly sorry this is all happening to you. It is truly a shame. You are a fine physician, doing the very best you can for your patients. I am outraged by the actions of the Government. What happened to a government of the people, by the people, for the people? At the end of the day, justice and truth will prevail but I hope it comes sooner rather than later. Thank you for providing medical care to the WHOLE person and not just whatever portion will make you the most money, you are truly an asset to this community. Thank you again for all you do.

    ~ JW Concerned Gainesville RN