Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Clock Stops

     Today is my first day of retirement.
     The only clock in my house stopped working.
     I replaced the battery, but as it turns out, the battery is fine.
     The clock keeps ticking, but refuses to keep time.  I took it down and reset it twice.
     This evening it says, 2:11. 
     The clock on my laptop is wrong suddenly, too, being fourteen minutes fast.
     Do I need a clock?-- I ask myself, as I jot on a to-do list, "Get another clock."
     At the clinic we have eighteen wall clocks, sixteen computers which tell time, and ten employees' cell phones, with clocks.  Not to mention all the patients with wristwatches and cell phones.
     (We love time, don't we?)
     (Einstein said, "God created time so everything wouldn't happen all at once.")
     I could take a wall clock home--but should I?
     If I don't, will everything happen all at once? 
     A friend told me the clock in his parent's house stopped at the moment of his father's death.
     I suppose retirement is a kind of death.

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  1. There is no death, only rebirth and life.