Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Dear United States Attorney Pamela C. Marsh:

Dear United States Attorney Pamela C. Marsh:
     What is going on with your federal prosecutors and FBI agents?
     Why did they raid my solo family practice medical clinic on June 6, 2011, and why haven't they yet told me what they're doing?  Do you know? 
     Why did these same agents remove all the money from my clinic and personal bank accounts, making it impossible for me to run my clinic's business?  Why are they refusing to communicate with my lawyers whom I've had to hire to find out what your agents are up to?  Are you doing this to other Florida citizens?  Has your agency gone mad?
     Please tell me:  What crime have I purportedly committed?  Because I'm baffled, and so are my lawyers.  My clinic was not one of the pill mills you're cracking down on--I prescribe controlled substances infrequently and with thoughtfulness.  I am meticulous about billing and coding.  I have been practicing medicine in Florida for twenty years, without incident, serving large numbers of patients from underserved areas.
     I took pleasure in my profession, until now. 
     Everyone knows our country needs family doctors, today more than ever.  I wonder why, therefore, you have allowed your prosecutors, Corey Smith and Bobby Stinson, and lead FBI agents Robert Murphy and Carissa Bowling to orchestrate a libelous raid on me--a solo family doctor--necessitating the closure of my clinic.  These agents used underhanded tactics, such as instructing Medicare to withhold payment for my services, to force closure of my clinic, because they didn't have the means to take my license or shut it down outright.  How could they?  I have done nothing wrong.
     Why have you not required them, after all this time, to answer to you, and to me?  The Freedom of Information Act requires that I be given an explanation for my plight.  I blame the prosecutors and agents, and you, and Attorney General Eric Holder, for the fact that I had to close my clinic. 
     Furthermore, why are you authorizing the unnecessary expenditure incurred by SWAT-type raids on businesses like my clinic, with dozens of armed agents and plenty of media attention--for what?   To obtain paper documents?  This is a misuse of the Patriot Act, and a waste of tax dollars.
     People who work in medical clinics are not armed or dangerous.  There was no need for the drama of a SWAT raid.  Why didn't your agents issue a subpoena?  Or simply ask me for the paperwork they wanted?  I would have been glad to comply.
     I am a taxpayer and a law-abiding citizen, and I want answers.  My profession and my life have been damaged, for no good reason.  My patients' charts were taken, and never returned, making it very hard for me, their doctor, to take care of them and placing me at increased malpractice risk.
     During the raid, which lasted eleven hours, my staff's and my constitutional rights were violated.  Even worse, it was reported to me that two agents pulled their guns on a patient and a medical assistant.  I find this reprehensible.
     This case has been "under investigation" for almost three years.  The raid on my clinic happened  two years ago, this June, and still-- only silence from your prosecutors.  I even had an emergency hearing on the case, but they would say nothing.  This looks bad, and is bad.
     Your website states that "Attorney General Bondi considers open government and transparency the linchpin of government accountability."  I am requesting transparency.  I am asking you for the "open government" policy you advocate.
     As a taxpayer and a contributing member of society, as a Board-Certified physician with a loyal following, a good reputation and a clean record, and as a human being, I want to know what is going on.  Please give me an answer.
                                                             Ona Colasante MD

cc:  Eric Holder, Attorney General
       Bob Goodlatte, Chairman, House Judiciary Committee
       John Conyers, Ranking Member, House Judiciary Commmittee
       Patrick Leahy, Chairman, Senate Judiciary Committee
       Chuck Grassley, Ranking Member, Senate Judiciary Committee
       Barack Obama, President
       Darrell Issa, Chairman, House Oversight Committee
       Elijah Cummings, Ranking Member, House Oversight Committee
       Nathan Crabbe, Editor, Gainesville Sun
       Op-Ed page (modified article), The New York Times
       FBI Headquarters, Washington, DC



  1. Joseph SbaragliaJuly 25, 2013 at 8:40 PM

    I am still puzzled by your plight. I was your patient from 2005 until Mccoullogh bought your practice. I regarded your care as very attentive to my needs, I did not care for your successor's services and chose a practice in Ocala,nearer my home. Through all this I never had my records forwarded to my new doctor. The quest for them led me to find out about your dilemna. From what I have gleaned, so far, 2 years of not knowing if you did something wrong
    seems bizarre and KGBish. Trusting u get a fair day in court. J Sbaraglia Temple '76.

  2. There's nothing at all to be puzzled about. The Northern District of Florida is the most infamously famous corrupt regions in the entire country. Due process and rule of law are quite literally after thoughts that have recourse only through the local kangaroo court system.