Monday, April 8, 2013

Letter from a Friend

     The following are excerpts from a letter written by a long-time friend, also a healthcare professional with her own clinic.
     Thank goodness for friends and well-wishers.  I need all their moral support.  Being strong is not something a person does alone.

     I just keep sliding backwards, in this system.  Can't get out of debt, even though I work every day.  
     All these managed care companies are counting on collecting capitation, without paying providers for services.  They have no incentive for patients to receive treatment because they're paid by how many people sign up with their company.  One of the insurance companies has taken more than five months to pay me for routine services.  They "lose" documents repeatedly--it's a ploy, to keep from paying.  The goal is not to pay for patient care--what criminals they all are.
     I hope you have success in Washington, DC.  What a huge bunch of crooks and criminals you have to wade through.  I hope you get in touch with upstanding, honest, honorable leaders instead of the self-serving worms who pervade the government and any other place where power and money are to be had.  
     Just be careful, and don't let them hurt you for the rest of your life.  I know someone who got into real trouble by not being politically savvy.  There are small-minded, self-aggrandizing people everywhere, willing to kill, or steal your resources, or stymie your well-meaning efforts, or send you to jail to get you out of their hair.  
     I hope you get to the bottom of this mess soon, so you can get psychological and emotional relief.  Everything that's happened to you is a huge tragedy, as far as I'm concerned.  Why you?  Why do you have to go through this?  At least you're strong, and can handle it.  Most people would be crushed.
     Someone has to fight, and you're brave to be the one who's doing it.  Keep all your antennae up!  It's a corrupt system.  Maybe you can help make it right, for the rest of us.  

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