Thursday, August 8, 2013

Apologies, but I Have to Inform the Public

     I apologize to my readers for not updating you right away on the (unfounded) (absurd) "criminal" case being entertained--and funded!  with hundreds of thousands of tax dollars?-- by the government against me--probably for the purpose of making themselves look like a bunch of Zorros--(and to "recuperate" money, sometimes from people, like me, who have rightfully earned it, as a crazy and unjust way of supporting our [top-heavy] American justice system's exorbitant expense account in the name of "fighting fraud").
     I apologize also for abandoning this blog for three months.  I stopped writing because I had hoped Mr. Fallgatter (who complained about my blog and the harm it might be doing his business) would stop his money-mongering lawsuit against me, or at least come to a decent and fair settlement about his charges for his three weeks of work on my behalf.  He tagged me along for awhile, then he won his lawsuit in a court (do I now purportedly owe him $150,000?) and with a local judge (do they rub shoulders at social events?) all of which must have felt like winning a home game to him--since, in the end, I represented myself, never a good thing. (Why?  Explanation to follow.). 
     I will enumerate all the charges and expenses associated with Mr. Fallgatter in an upcoming post.  And I'll bring my viewpoint to bear on the travesty of a "criminal investigation" being conducted on me.  But the upshot is still the same:  Where's the crime?  Why the silence from the government?  What have I done wrong?  Please, please, tell me!  And give back my patients' charts, and give back my assets, so I feel free to practice medicine again!  This country needs family doctors!
     For now, however, I need to make public my experiences with Mr. Fallgatter, and his firm (which to my mind is disreputable), namely, Fallgatter, Farmand and Catlin.  Potential clients, scouring the internet for clues--people in need of a good lawyer and appraising Mr. Fallgatter!--might wish to hear a firsthand report by someone who has been "represented" (i.e., ushered into the lion's den) by him might have the benefit of my experience and proceed with caution.
     Forgive the next few posts, and any thereafter, if they have to do with Mr. Fallgatter, and if this bores you.  It is boring, I know.  The case is boring, and Mr. Fallgatter is boring, as are all the people around us who work for money, who see the world only through their own eyes, and who have an exploitative view toward interpersonal behavior.  But I write them in the interests of public safety.  They show how one bad thing can snowball until a multitude of bad things are rolling downhill at incredible speed, picking up more and more refuse along the way, until it's headed straight for a person, and crushes him.
     If someone had posted an experience like mine to the annals of Google, I would have known enough about Mr. Fallgatter to steer clear of him.  I never would have hired him.  I would have preferred to go to jail before having someone with his character represent me, traitorously, in the name of justice.


  1. Welcome back Dr Colasante. I've missed reading your posts on your blog. I look forward to your future postings. You have an incredible style of writing and usually makes me see a "different view" of the issue at hand.

  2. I am just happy you are doing well, at least enough to write again. I have been worried about you and yours. Good to hear from you and please keep us informed. Most Lawyers are idiots, as is it seems the government today.

  3. Thank you for your kind words. I need friends, now more than ever! So I'll get back to the blog. It's been a long, dark, lonely few months, the "night sea journey," as they say in the Jungian world, or a "dark night of the soul," as per St. John of the Cross. My blog audience is a real gift, and I appreciate you all.

  4. Also we need to remember, always, Thomas Merton, along with the Love we shared, and always will share. You will be with me for eternity.

  5. i think of u every time i see blu berries, fresh eggs, good oranges...grapefriuts.....welcome bak...god bless u and urs

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