Wednesday, August 7, 2013

How To Help Me: Contact Government

     You can help by calling, emailing, or writing to Senate and House members of Congress.
     The contact information is below, with phone numbers, addresses and links to emails.
     Say that you want them to tell the House and Senate Judiciary Committee members to have hearings on the matter of FBI SWAT-type raids on non-threatening businesses. 
     Tell them about the raid on my clinic, which ultimately forced me to shut down a busy, family practice office, depriving patients of medical care in their neighborhood.  Tell them you want legislation passed to limit use of the USA Patriot Act so that FBI agents can't stalk, bait, raid, ruin, and forfeit the bank accounts of ordinary citizens. 
     Tell them to stop trying to turn ordinary people into dangerous threats when there is little or no evidence to support their investigations and attacks.
     The easiest way to reach these reps is by e-mail or Facebook.  Google them, go to their websites, and fill out a comment form.  Or, call the phone numbers below.

Local Representatives are:
     Ted Yoho, FL:   (352)505-0838;  (352) 665-8223, 
     Corinne Brown, FL: (904) 354-1652  
Some House Judiciary Committee members are:
     Bob Goodlatte, Chairman: (540) 432-2391
     John Conyers, Ranking Member:, (734) 675-4084
     Ron DeSantis, FL:  (202) 225-2706
     Ted Deutsch, FL:  (561) 470-5440
     Joe Garcia, FL:  (202) 225-2778

Some Senate Judiciary Committee members are:
     Patrick Leahy, Chairman, VT:  (800) 642-3193
     Chuck Grassley, Ranking Member, IA:  (319)363-6832
     Al Franken, MN:  (218) 722-2390
     Orrin Hatch, AZ:  (202) 224-5251
     Jeff Sessions, AL:  (202) 224-4124
     Lindsey Graham, SC:
     Rand Paul, KY:  (859) 219-2239,

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