Friday, December 20, 2013

The Government's Response to My Motion to Dismiss

     Here's the government's response to my motion to dismiss.

     Remember when you hadn't studied for a test, or hadn't read that heavy-duty book for a class, so you ended up blowing a lot of hot air onto the test paper, hoping the teacher would fall for it?
     Have you ever had an assignment for a term paper that you didn't research at all?  All of a sudden it's the night before the paper is due and you have to fudge the whole thing.  You fill pages with words, but they're empty of content.  You repeat yourself and speak in generalities because you haven't gathered facts, and you haven't done real research, and you simply don't have a basic understanding of the subject matter.  It's tough, being in that position, but remember, you did it to yourself.
     Have you ever bluffed your way through an interview?  You need to cover up the essential problem, namely that you don't know anything about the job you're interviewing for, so you speak with greater certitude and long-windedness, repeating yourself in various ways and puffing up your chest so that you appear to be knowledgeable.  You never get specific, because that would be a dead giveaway.
     Some people get through everything that way, it's how they live their lives.
     Lots of wind, and no hard work.
     Lots of noise, but no research, no content, no facts.
     Camouflage, smokescreens, window dressing.
     And tons of ego.  Tons.

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