Friday, December 20, 2013

What's with Anonymous Commenters?

     If you don't exercise the right to free speech, you'll lose it.  You have a voice, we have Amendments in this free country, and you've been given a name.  Why not use these gifts?
     The majority of commenters on this blog post their comments anonymously.   Are anonymous commenters afraid?  Of what?  Dialogue?   Exposure?  Retribution?
     Are Americans afraid?
     Is that why the few people who speak out become heroes and even Man of the Year?
     It's not possible to have a dialogue with a nonentity.
     Please, explain why it's necessary to withhold your name in comments.
     Save being a ghost for when you're dead.


  1. It forces you to evaluate a post on its merits.

    “Who are you?"
    "No one of consequence."
    "I must know."
    "Get used to disappointment.”
    ― William Goldman, The Princess Bride

  2. I do understand your frustration Ona. I believe at times it is best to take a back seat, which allows freedom to ring, always, especially to those who fight for free speech and of course our freedom, for all. In other words you may be better off with some ghosts in the basement, so to speak. You ought to know who I am, even though I sign in as anonymous, just from my way of writing, as if I am talking directly to your eyes. Woman usually knows instinctively a man who truly loves and or loved her, although at times the situation requires much perhaps ambiguity from the one who actually loves, loved, or still loves her. Think of Peter in the back seat, if you still can not remember, though if not you are perhaps kidding yourself as to who has truly loved you and who has not. Or you can think of Politics. Perhaps you do not really want to remember, which is OK too. Though I will always love you.

    1. Uhhh, awkward. You aren't very good at this romance thing, are you? What you are good at is creeping out your love interest.

    2. It amazes me, the idiocy of humans these days, dumbing down all they can. You have no idea of love and or interest, as awkward is your mind, not mine. I am happily married for almost 14 yrs., and Ona is a past portion of my life. That said, we are all connected, one way or another, and time is no consequence to that connection. As to romance you may want to rethink exactly what that is, and learn from your idiocy.

    3. Still awkward. The fact that you have doubts whether she remembers you makes you awkward and pitiful. Regardless, the forum you have chosen to establish and reaffirm the significance of a past relationship is inappropriate for the purpose.

  3. Perhaps you work for the gov., as seems most idiots have something to do with the gov. these days. As to pitiful, you may be, as you do not have the brains to understand the true meaning of the forum...have a nice life in your delusion.