Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Another Way to Get Rich Quick

     It's simple.  File a whistleblower report.
     In fact, why not file lots of whistleblower reports?
     Chances are, one of them will pay out big.  You must be patient, because these things take time.  But this just might be the best way to fund your retirement.
     Here's how to do it.
     Make a list of local doctors.  It might help to visit each one at least once.
     Rather than going to multi-specialty clinics or gigantic group practices,  stick with solo doctors.  They're more vulnerable, and they don't have spanking-big lawyers to protest against your accusations.
     You've got to accuse the doctors of something.  There are many possibilities.
     Pay attention to the services these doctors provide.
     In my office, it's easy.  All the clinic services are listed on a poster in the waiting room.
     Remember the services you receive.  These are services your can say you didn't need, thereby implying that your doctor provided them just to make money.
     After your visit, go to Medicare.gov.  You will be given explicit instructions for reporting doctors, and you'll automatically become a "whistleblower."
     That designation may put you in line for a hefty reward.
     You can cover a broad swath by reporting a doctor to Medicare under the rubric of "billing for unnecessary services."  But you can also claim you didn't receive certain services, especially those that don't have a good paper trail--like counseling services, gait training, or what Medicare calls "face-to-face time."  Just say you didn't get what was billed:  it's your word against the doctor's, and these days it's likely that your word will prevail.  The political climate is in your favor.
     For example, if the doctor does an EKG on you, and the report comes back normal, you can claim the EKG was unnecessary.  It was normal, after all, so why did the doctor do it?  The implication, of course, is that the doctor was just trying to scam the system.
     If the doctor does any tests at all, and they come back normal, you can do report them as "fraud."
     One of Medicare's definitions of "fraud" is doing tests that aren't necessary.  You can "prove" the tests done on your behalf weren't necessary simply by the fact that they come back normal.
     Don't worry, the feds won't think beyond this superficial assessment.  It isn't in their interests to do so.  They want to take back money just as much as you want a payout.
     Even an abnormal test result can serve as evidence of fraud.  Medicare often refuses to pay for tests, despite those tests having served as a tool for identifying a health problem.  For example, an EKG that shows a bundle branch block in a patient who didn't "complain" of chest pain or chest symptoms, is called "an incidental finding" by Medicare auditors, who then deny payment for the EKG.  A doctor's suspicion of a problem is never proof that the test was legitimate.  In fact, doctors' brains, judgment, and reasonable suspicion are irrelevant to government auditors, who are motivated, perhaps by bonuses, "to recuperate" money that has already been paid out in claims.
     You should report ten or twenty doctors.  Report them for doing tests that weren't necessary.  Even if you tell the doctor you have chest pain, or abdominal bloating, or leg swelling--spurring that doctor to do tests like an x-rays, echos, abdominal ultrasounds, or blood tests--you can turn around and lie to Medicare--or any insurance carrier that has whistleblower incentives--and say you never told the doctor you had those symptoms--say the doctor made it up.
     It's a simple matter for federal investigators--who will take your "case" seriously--to jump to the conclusion that a doctor might make up symptoms as a way of justifying tests that result in payments to that doctor.   What a scandal!  Doctors treating patients and doing tests--and expecting to get paid!  Certainly, doctors do those tests as a way of padding their wallets.  No one really believes doctors care about patients any more, or want to be sure not to miss serious pathology.  Come on!  This is America, where the dollar is king.  The only motivation for doing anything is money.
     And, of course, that's your motivation, too.
     If you don't want to go it alone, there are plenty of specialists out there ready to take your accusations and run with them.
     Here's a sampling taken directly from the internet:

          Lawyers for qui tam whistleblowers:  we have won millions for clients.  (www.employmentlawgroup.net)
          Former feds will help you prove qui tam fraud. (JamesHoyer.com)
          Help the government.  Help yourself.  Millions in qui tam settlements.  (www.ashcraftand geral.com)
          Whistleblower laws are about incentivizing integrity to ferret out fraud.  (www.taf.org)
          Espert help with qui tam cases--lawyers provide free case reviews.  (attorneysforwhistleblowers.com)
          Former Justice Department attorney helps you seek a reward to report fraud. (www.ispionage.com)
          Medicare fraud--earn reward points and redeem them for free.  (www.swagbucks.com)
         Anti-piracy organization gives rewards for confidential reporting.  (reporting.bsa.org)

     There are thousands of sites just like this, to help you "recover" as much money as possible from the doctors you report.
     You can get up to 40% of this recovered money, just for being a whistleblower!  Pay off your mortgage!  Take a cruise!  Buy a new car!  Anti-fraud legislation under the False Claims Act was put into place just for you.
     And the best part is this:  your false claims against doctors won't cost you a thing.  There's no legislation that protects doctors against you.  Doctors have to pay lawyers to represent them against you, and this can get so expensive they're willing to settle out of court.  The settlement money provides the basis for your whistleblower fee!
      That's why so many lawyers are stacked up on the internet, waiting for your call.  They know the inflammatory language to use against doctors.  They can get the government's attention.
     They have a lot to gain, and so do you.
     So get busy.  You don't have to work for a living.
     Report your family doctor.  Report your specialists.  Make a list of your accusations.
     File lots of reports--and watch the payments roll in.


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