Thursday, November 22, 2012


     Thank you for this country in which everyone has a voice.
     Thank you for the efforts of people everywhere to improve the lives of those who were not born equal.
     Thank you for the possibility of making a difference.
     Thank you for the rebelliousness of the young.
     Thank you for the equanimity of the old.
     Thank you for good health, when it settles down inside us, and for illness, when it delivers its important messages.
     Thank you for peace, inner and outer.
     Thank you for wildflowers, which emerge from dry earth like good news.
     Thank you for the farmers at the farmers market, because they are making an effort.
     Thank you for everyone who makes an effort.
     Thank you for this world, which is beautiful.


  1. Beautiful sentiments. I agree wholeheartedly! Thank You!


  2. Thank you for the Body, Mind and Spirit, which you truly represent in your thoughts and actions.

    I wish I could help with your situation, though perhaps it is for the best in the long run, as in the cards so to speak. Who is Tim?