Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Government Speaks

     It's a small utterance, and it makes its way to my ears every ninety days.
     As a consequence of the government's forfeitures of the clinic's and my personal bank account holdings, there is a requirement that the government's agents either take a specific action, or explain why they have not taken any action regarding the money they took.  They need to show cause for depriving the clinic of its liquid assets, or say why they're not showing cause.
     They have ninety days to do this.  The forfeitures occurred fifteen months ago.  The clinic is solvent again and doing well, despite forced losses incurred by the government's unjustifiable actions, but the forfeited money remains in limbo.  Starting last November the government has issued an explanation for not returning the funds, and for not explaining its reasons for taking the funds.
     Here's the explanation I received yesterday--no different from the other four previously sent:

     COMES NOW, Plaintiff, by and through its undersigned Assistant United States Attorney, and provides the following status of the above-referenced case to the court:
     1.  The undersigned hereby informs the court that while the criminal investigation continues, it is in the best interest of the Claimant and the Government to continue the stay in this civil case.
     2.  The United States will file a status report every 90 days until the resolution of the criminal investigation. 
                                     Respectfully submitted,
                                     PAMELA C. MARSH
                                    United States Attorney

My attorney sent this to me with a note saying, "No action is required on your part."  What action might that be?  
     The government speaks in a monotone.  If I write back to Ms. Marsh, asking, "Why did you take all the money from my bank accounts?"  she will respond, representing our government, "We need more time for the investigation."
     If I say, "You're ruining me!  Give back my belongings?"  the government will respond, "We need more time for the investigation."
     If I ask, "How is this helping the American people, or my patients, or the Medicare system, or all you government officials?"  it will say, "We need more time for the investigation."
     Delays, extensions, and empty language were invented, I think, for government use.  "When the government speaks, no one comprehends."   If you don't know what I mean, try reading the instruction manual for an IRS tax return.
     My lawyers used to say, "Be glad they're not taking any action--that's a good sign!"  Now, they don't say anything.

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