Thursday, November 8, 2012

Salem Witchcraft Trial Procedure

The following "procedure" for trying and sentencing witches was taken from the Salem Witchcraft website, address below.  It's one idea of fairness.  Thank goodness for the Enlightenment,  because we're not like this any more, right? 


1. The afflicted person makes a complaint to the Magistrate about a suspected witch.  The complaint is sometimes made through a third
2.  The Magistrate issues a warrant for the arrest of the accused person.

3.  The accused person is taken into custody and examined by two or more Magistrates.  If, after listening to testimony, the Magistrate believes that the accused person is probably guilty, the accused is sent to jail for possible reexamination and to await trial.
4.  The case is presented to the Grand Jury.  Depositions relating to the guilt or innocence of the accused are entered into evidence.
5.  If the accused is indicted by the Grand Jury, he or she is tried before the Court of Oyer and Terminer.  A jury, instructed by the Court, decides the defendant's guilt.
6.  The convicted defendant receives his or her sentence from the Court.  In each case at Salem, the convicted defendant was sentenced to be hanged on a specified date.
7.  The Sheriff and his deputies carry out the sentence of death on the specified date.

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