Monday, December 31, 2012

What Patients Said in the Clinic, December 31, 2012

     1.  "Thank you for giving me that can of chicken soup you had in the clinic, when I was sick.  It was 'soup for my soul' and I think it's because you gave it to me that I got well."
     2.  "It's because of you that I got pregnant when I did, at age forty, and it's because of my little boy that I was able to get through the mastectomy, radiation and chemotherapy at age 44.  If you hadn't told me to have a baby, I wouldn't have done it, and now--I can't have another child.  I am so grateful."
     3.  "Your receptionist told me what I needed to hear to quit smoking.  She knew you'd given me a prescription for bupropion, which is the same thing she used when you told your staff you'd pay each person $1,500 if he or she quit smoking.  She said, 'Take the medicine for two weeks...then don't be surprised if one morning you say to yourself that maybe you don't really need that first cigarette of the day, after all.  Then, don't smoke!'  So I took the bupropion, and one morning it happened--I realized I didn't have to have a cigarette, and I haven't smoked since!"
     4.  "We are so glad to announce the graduation of our daughter, who has struggled for ten years with a severe disability to complete her bachelor's program at University of Florida.  Please attend her graduation, because you have been a key element in her success!"
     5.  "Thank you for your kind and thoughtful condolence card, and for your prayers.  My husband liked you as a doctor, a friend, and a neighbor.  Although it's been a sad and stressful time since he died, I will always be grateful to you for introducing the two of us through your clinic matchmaking  program.  We had fourteen wonderful years together, thanks to you."
     6.  "Your housecalls have been a lifesaver.  I can't go to a clinic, because I get so nervous and am unable to walk.  Your visits have connected me to the world, and made a world of difference in my life."
     7.  "No doctor has ever taken so much interest in me, or cared enough to tell me how to get off all these medicines.  I was on eighteen different prescriptions, and now I'm only on three!"
     8.  "Thank you for taking away my car keys in the clinic, and making the police escort me home.  I know I said some nasty things to you back then, but I want you to know that I have quit drinking, and go to AA meetings every day.  What you did, well, it woke me up."
\    9.  "I've been looking at that mole for ten years, but you're the first one who said it should come off immediately, and did the surgery in this office.  Thanks to you we caught the melanoma in time."
   10.  "I've been in pain since March.  Then I came to see you last week on Christmas Eve, and you did that shot in my hip, and now nothing hurts at all any more.  Can I please give you a hug?"
   11.  "Thanks for all the good health you keep me in."


  1. Are we going to get a follow up from this post about what you said to your staff and patients?

  2. Additionally, regarding your future plans to continue practicing medicine or have you completely had enough. It's a shame to lose such a wonderful physician not to mention a total genious in the profession. I really wish that you would reconsider leaving medicine altogether due to the impace that you will have in the medical community.... Perhaps, there are alternatives....

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