Tuesday, December 18, 2012

My Report to the DOJ

The Department of Justice (DOJ) website (www.doj.gov) has a mechanism for reporting complaints about DOJ employees.
Today, I filed a civil rights and civil liberties complaint on the website. I will also send a letter by snail mail with the same complaint, to the following address:

Office of Inspector General
Investigations Division
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Rm. 4706
Washington, DC 20530

You, too, can file a complaint at the web address above, using the simple email form provided.  
As an American citizen you have a right to demand an investigation into the actions of the government against other citizens. If you are one of my patients, you have a right to demand that your medical chart be released from the FBI office, after eighteen months of seizure (plenty of time to make copies). You also have a right to know why such expensive and overzealous methods were used to obtain documents or proceed with an investigation, since your tax dollars were used to cover the cost of importing FBI agents from long distances to conduct a SWAT-team raid on my solo clinic.  
Here's the text of my complaint to the DOJ.

     "On June 16, 2011 thirty to fifty DOJ employees, FBI agents, surrounded and raided my solo family practice medical clinic in Gainesville, FL. Without reading any of my employees their Miranda rights, the agents--armed with weapons in paramilitary style--detained my employees for many hours, refusing to allow them to leave without being interviewed first. They barred the exits and even put a gun to one nursing assistant's head. The FBI agents told the patients to leave the exam rooms and go home. They told patients driving up for appointments in the parking lot to "go home, find another doctor." When I arrived two hours later with a lawyer the FBI agents were enjoying dozens of pizzas in the waiting room.  
     "On August 6, 2011 my clinic and personal bank accounts were forfeited--$400,000 of working capital were seized, as well as funds representing personal assets including my disabled son's social security disability income. All the patients' medical records were removed from the office, making it difficult and even dangerous to manage serious patient problems in the following months. The "mechanism" for getting charts back was laborious, involving 16 steps, and never allowed us access to medical records at the time we needed them, when patients were sick and in my clinic for treatment.  
     "The affidavits remain closed, despite my attempt via court trial to get medical records (or copies) returned, working capital to make payroll and cover bills, or information about the "crime" supposedly being investigated.  
     "I have been "under investigation" for 29 months now, without a word from the prosecutors, Corey Smith and Bobby Stinson of Tallahassee, or the FBI agents (lead agents Robert Murphy and Carissa Bowling) as to the nature of my crime or the reason for the raid, forfeiture, and investigation. I have been harmed and demoralized by these incidents, and my rights to a fair trial and to elucidation of the allegations have been breached.  
     "Moreover, the gestapo-type tactics used during the raid were a waste of government money, when requesting records using a simple subpoena would have sufficed. I am closing my clinic voluntarily, at a time when America desperately needs competent family physicians, because I find it difficult to perform the duties associated with my professional title while under silent siege by government agents, who should be required to show cause for such drastic action."

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